My Works

Hi friends, so here are my works which have been posted to XDA-Developers forum:

  • Extending HelloWorld App with a 'Toast' message is a Tutorial mainly intended for looking into some other concepts like GUI of Android development. It actually throws a toast message when a button is clicked. The toast message is anything but the text entered into the textbox.

  • Create your first Widget step-by-step is a Tutorial on Creating Widgets (Widget that displays current time) and how do they work on an Android device. It actually dives into some Java coding also with XML layout modifications.

  • How to set icons for Android apps is a pretty easy Guide on setting your images in the correct resolution supporting multiple devices of various screen sizes.

  • List of all Open-Source Android apps is a huge list spanning all of the Android apps which are open sourced and are published in the Google Play Store or otherwise. A short description with links to source code makes it easy to browse/fork/making changes to the app convenient to the fresh developers.

  • 1% battery icons on Statusbar is a mod on the SystemUI.apk to enable percentage increments/decrements on every numbers rather than provided by default by the android. Made for Karbonn A15 running Android 4.0.4.

  • Modified Stock Launcher for Karbonn A12+ is a small icon modification performed on the stock AOSP Launcher where the ICS style 'App drawer' button is replaced with KitKat style transparent one and also the Folder previews too is changed to that of Kitkat one. Also the Google search omni bar is also replaced to that of Jellybean one.